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USB-C Module S20 FE (G780G)

(Topic created on: 10-10-2022 04:26 PM)
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Hello everyone,

unfortunately my usb-c port isn´t working anymore.

The Fast Charging device is just charging with normal power and a message about humidity in the port is always displayed. Therefore I have to charge the phone with wireless charging so I want to repair this.

Now my actual problem: I cannot find the spare part for the USB-C Module of the S20 FE G780G. Do you guys know where I can get one of these? In General the S20 FE G780G is delivered to customers in Mexico and Peru. The G780F version is delivered globally. I don´t know why I got a G-Version from Amazon to Germany.

I hope you can help me with my search for this spare part. Didn´t find anything yet.

Edit: I already tried to replace the part with the usb-c module from the G780F version. This method didn´t work out beacuse of different frequency between the antenna and the module. In this case I had no mobile reception.

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Hi @BenTenn 

Maybe check with a torch to see if there is any foreign debris inside the port as this may hinder charging / causing issues.

Also by activating 'Developer Mode ' this opens up options with debugging etc which may / may not help.

In regards to repairs I would suggest a person to Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store because trying this yourself may cause further problems and dust into the unit.

Unfortunately Samsung may now refuse support due to the procedure already taken place.

Any remaining manufacturers warranty would be void now you have tried to effect a repair yourself unfortunately.

Any you may end up using an inferior part.

Also there are specific Samsung Community Forum Rules on this subject > News-rules-faqs/community-policy-on-dangerous-diy-unorthodox-repair-advice. 

This restricts what can be discussed on this forum.

I wish you all the best. Take care.  😎 


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Thank you very much for your reply!

Unfortunately you didn´t answer any questions. I am sure that the USB-Module as itself is broken because there is no dust or any other foreign debris inside the port.

I am just searching the spare part of the Mexico version (G780G).