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Samsung Upgrade programme

(Topic created on: 18-11-2021 09:22 PM)
Galaxy S20 Series
Here is my situation. I am on the upgrade programme with a Samsung S20FE and due to upgrade.

The only device option is theZ flip or fold. 

My issue is that they are both in excess of double the monthly cost but also im told that i cannot swap between product ranges.

Therefore breaking the agreed contract upgrade to latest model in the range
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Galaxy S20 Series

Hi @SamPhoenix 


There is some recent threads on the Samsung Community Forum if you conduct a search from other people also in the upgrade programme, who themselves were not impressed they couldn't choose another device that didn't show up in the eligible phone's to choose from.

Unfortunately a person isn't able to deviate from the options of eligible phone's to choose from.

I would suggest giving Samsung a call to enquire why the Samsung Galaxy 21 isn't an option to you.

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