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S20FE Not Updating

(Topic created on: 13-04-2023 11:10 PM)

Hello all.

My S20FE has not updated from OneUi 3 and Android 11. It always says that I'm using the latest software. I've tried factory resetting the phone and using Smart Switch to no avail.

I'm in the UK. Never lived anywhere else. I reside here permanently. It's where I bought my phone brand new. 

I checked the service provider software version and it says ZT0/ZTO,ZTO/EUX . However, when I use the dialler method to check the same information it says the CSC is BTL3.

I researched and ZTO seems to refer to Brazil. I've never been to Brazil or anywhere in that vicinity so I don't know why it says ZTO as the service provider information.

Could this be why I'm having issues updating? If the phone thinks it's Brazilian then it would stop me updating if I'm in the UK? Is that correct?

Samsung suggested I send it to them to flash the drive but they require a proof of purchase and as I bought the phone over 2 years ago I can't for the life of me find the original order email.

Just for clarification the phone has never been rooted or modded and all software etc is "official."

Please help before I tear my hair out.


How does updating work if the phone is a foreign import, and why would it matter?

Say I bought a phone in the United States and moved permanently to the United Kingdom for work reasons, does that mean that my phone will never be updated? Seems ridiculous in the year 2023 with global connectivity and people moving between countries to live and work. 

Anyone from Samsung able to shed light on this policy please?