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S20+ Vertical green line on my screen after firmware upgrade

(Topic created on: 10-12-2023 05:09 AM)
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I purchased this flagship model (S20+) of Samsung in 2021, I was completely disappointed from few months as there was battery issues and frequent software updates to improve one or the other bugs. Now recently last few weeks back I received an firmware update and when phone got restarted i started seeing 1 green vertical line which now has become 5 green lines and 1 white line. I'm completely disappointed to see Samsung kind of technology player having problems like oneplus mobiles. The customer care is lethargic to give solutions over this, rather asking me change the phone screen. I have already replaced this screen which costed me around 17K within few months of purchase. This is my second such scenario on my screen. Can anyone help me in how to take this forward and resolve which can help me use this 80K invested phone for another couple of years atleast. @ samsungcare @S20PLUS @galaxy 

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You'll need to again approach a Samsung Service Centre @Sathishthulasiraman 

Unfortunately tech can and will fail with you being extremely unlucky this issue has occurred again. 

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You're not the only one having this problem.

Maybe some screen from that year had a problem that appears 3 years later when warranty ends, xD curious xD.

The problem typically boils down to faulty connection points that link a screen to a motherboard. Probably...

Who knows, who knows haha

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@Rikujin @BandOfBrothers Thanks guys. Appreciate your response! 

Exactly the same happened with me the customer care annoyed me repeatedly by saying your mobile has crossed 3years (purchase date Aug2020), inspite of fighting & arguing that does Samsung provide  support of only 3 years? they were so reluctant and were beating around the bush saying we cannot answer that question. It was so annoying when I recorded all the call conversion she got panicked and told the Samsung HQ will call  you. Meanwhile I paid 18.5K to change my display on my own, now a guy from HQ says why didn't you approach us prior to replacement we would have helped you but no worries in future any problem happens please mail us. I was like so frustrated hearing that, I was asking him where in the planet can I get you contact details he was like I can understand but since the device is not working fine we cannot take anything forward. 

I don't know how to raise my voice on these guys (SAMSUNG) , so that in future no one suffers like what we are currently doing. This SAMSUNG is not doing justice to the quality of products now a days sold, its taking the same path of SONY and I am pretty sure the public is gonna be aware of this in the upcoming days.