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S20 FE 24fps video stabilization not working

(Topic created on: 30-04-2021 11:57 PM)
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Galaxy S20 Series


I just bought a S20 FE 5g primarily for video making. My research on the phone highlighted the good videos that all three rear lenses produce. 

I have discovered that in Pro Video Mode, the video stabilization has no effect in any of the 24fps 'Pro Video Size' resolutions available. E.g. I can record but all the videos are shaky whether I have stabilization switched on or off. 24fps is an option I do want to shoot in and one reason why I purchased the phone.  When I select a 30fps or 60fps option the stabilisation is good, and you would think more frames per second would be more demanding to stabilise for the phone. These are no 24fps options in normal video mode

I have reset camera settings and cache, restarted and factory reset without any improvement.  It makes no difference using auto or manual focus, nor if I save the videos to the phone or SD card. 

Has anyone else had this issue and/or suggestions as to how to make stabilization work for 24fps please? 

Many thanks, Somer.