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Battery charging animation app

(Topic created on: 01-05-2022 08:36 AM)

Hi, hope everyone doing well.

Just wanted to check if you guys use any battery charging animation app with your Galaxy phone?

The default gradient circular animation is nice but its very short lived, wish the animation stayed on during the entire duration of the charge without having to press the power button to see it :smiling-face:

Anyways I used one charging animation app some time back and to me it felt the charging time is taking longer than without it, I reckon since the screen stays on and the animation as well needs some juice so overall it adds to the charging time. Did you guys also experienced the same in case you have used any charging animation app?

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I use "Led me know" on my s21 ultra. As well as showing charging "dots" which change from red to green, you can also configure it to show different colours for different notifications. I also use "battery charged alarm" app to let me know when it is charged (this can b set to sound at any percentage you like).
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Hello @onlytanmoy 


Personally I've always left this set with the default animation.

I prefer to turn off such animations so my screen goes off as 1. I don't need to see this as I charge overnight so don't want the phone lighting up the bedroom and 2. Anything working while the battery is charging can possibly hinder the charging up time.

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Point 1 is not a bother as I charge the phone whilst I am awake but totally agree to point 2 as I have witnessed that myself and that is the main reason why I immediately uninstalled the charging animation app 🙂

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I think a charging animation that looks like a firework rocket would look awesome especially if the speed of the rocket was to show if its currently charging at full speed or slower and when it starts to slow down to almost full, say last 10% it could change the animation to fountain slowly sparkling, the user could choose the colours for the rocket and fountain