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Application Update Issue Post Android 12 Update

(Topic created on: 23-02-2022 05:09 AM)
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Hi Guys

I recently updated my S20 FE to android 12 and since then I have been facing issues while updating apps. Many a times the app fails to update and I get a message stating 'This app couldn't be installed' and I tried all the google playstore recommended fixes including finally resorting to phone reset. Reset did solve this problem for a couple of weeks but now this problem has come up again. I thought maybe this is due to some specific apps so I tried installing the same apps on my Samsung tablet S5E and I could install them without any problem so the only possible reason remains is the software update that has been pushed. 

Hence, my request to the community to kindly help in resolving the same as resetting the phone again and again is not feasible for me.