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Sim card does not fit the tray


My nano-sim card doesn't fit properly into the sim1 slot on the tray - the manual states to gently press the sim into the tray to secure it.  Mine doesn't 'click' into the slot, so (thinking it must be the sim) I requested a new sim from my mobile provider, which arrived this morning and that one doesn't click into place either.  It falls out if I pick up the tray and turn it over, so it is not secure in the tray.


A bit of experimentation has revealed that the sim will click securely into place on the sim2 slot, but that means I can't have an sd card installed.


Can anyone help please?  I'm otherwise impressed with this fabulous mobile.


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New tray did the trick!  SIM card 'clicks' into place and does not fall out any more.  


I then tried two other SIM cards in the old tray and both of them fell out as soon as I picked the tray up. 


Seems to me I bought a beautiful shiny mobile with a tiny fault in a piece of plastic.  Fortunately, it only cost £4.80 to replace the tray.


Dave-S20U, thanks again for your replies :smiling-face: 

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I don't have S20, i have S9 Plus but the S20 I'm sure It is similar the sim card tray must have two places, one for sim card and other for micro sd card, some models the tray have three holes, two for sim card and other for micro sd card, have a look.
Maybe go to YouTube and see they put the sim card in tray on S20
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Just to let you know S20 only takes micro sd card

Thanks for your reply.  The S20 has a dual tray that takes either 2 nano-sim cards or 1 nano-sim card and 1 micro-sd card.


My nano-sim card, as stated above, will not stay in place in the sim1 slot, but will in the sim2 slot - the sim2 slot is for the 2nd sim card or a micro-sd card, not both.


I have so far viewed 3 videos on YouTube which show a nan-sim being 'clicked' into place into the sim1 slot on an S20.  Mine doesn't do that.  Whether the sim is slightly too small or the slot in the tray is slightly too big is what I'm trying to ascertain.


I'm asking for help in case anyone else has experienced the same issue.


I had to hold my SIM in place in SIM1 slot until the tray was partially pushed in and the SIM could not escape, everything worked fine


Hi Dave, thanks for replying.  Interesting that you've had the same issue. 


I did something similar to start with, but chickened out once I read the manual:


"If the card is not fixed firmly ino the tray, the SIM card may leave or fall out of the tray".


I'm not trying to worry you, really I'm not!


Do you mind me asking which mobile service provider you are with?  It would help to narrow down whether it's the SIM or the tray.  I'm with Virgin Mobile.


Oh once it goes past the entrance there's no way it's moving or falling out, the fit is too snug, as it would have to be in order for the contacts to remain pressed against the sim chip, I'm with EE




Thanks, Dave, I really appreciate you replying.


I did wonder if the slot for the tray is snug enough to stop the SIM moving.  


I'll probably ring Samsung this week just out of curiousity.  Will post the outcome on here.


So... spoke to man at Samsung Helpline, who was pleasant and said it sounds like I need a new SIM card tray.  BUT because I've had the phone less than 30 days, I have to contact the retailer who I bought the phone from, and they will have to get a new tray from Samsung to send to me.  Currently on hold to speak to someone at John Lewis...  


I assure you it will stay in if you hold it steady until it is partially inserted, but obviously this is your choice,I would post  a video to show you but this is my only video device unfortunately


Hopefully John Lewis will help you, good luck

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