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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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it's a bit of a mess. 


I now have paid a deposit and successfully have a new credit agreement with Klarna for the S20 Ultra, but no Samsung order!  Spent ages on the phone to Samsung last night and they can't see an order even though the credit agreement is set up. 


Called Klarna this morning and they say everything is OK on their end and that the order didn't complete on Samsung's end and as such they can't do anything about it!  Just going around in circles now.  Do I reorder and hope it completes this time and risk having 2 credit agreements and one device, or do nothing, hope the credit agreement lapses and end up with no S20....


Every time Samsung launch a new Galaxy there are issues with the website, this time it could cost me financially.


I had the same problem so trying to contact samsung via webchat. When doing my samsung upgrade program Klarna sent direct debit email setup and took deposit. Then it would not let me sign credit agreement. It's like stuck in Limbo now. 


If you download the Klarna App on your mobile and sign in you will see if the agreement is setup on their end.  If it is use Online Chat within the Klarna app and get them to give you the merchant number for your transaction.  I then called Samsung back got this info added to my open call ticket and they have escalated to support and have promised a call back by the end of today!!!


I got through to an agent and they said try to go through the upgrade process later. It should not take a 2nd payment but if it does contact us again for a refund. I tried the Klarna app and nothing setup through that. I am on night shifts so will try later when I get to work. There is a high volume of calls so I guess a few people have had the same problem. 


I keep trying to upgrade from the upgrade lounge website and I put my loan agreement number in and press choose your galaxy and the page automatically scrolls to the bottom and I have no phone choice or anything, just had to phone and email samsung, as I said to the lady on the phone, samsung is a multi billion pound company and if they don't know they have issues with their website then something is drastically wrong, especially when it's just launched the most anticipated device to come out this year.


same problem here.. assume everyone is impacted and cannot upgrade.


pretty shoddy service Samsung what are you playing at?!


I just managed to progress, opening the dev tools in your browser, and trying again worked for me, didn't dig into what exactly changed.

It may just have been hitting "Choose my galaxy" a few times that did it.

There area shed load of errors being generated by the website, it is not the quality of code you'd expect!

Exactly the same here, tried on the S10+ iteself, 2 PC's on IE11, Chrome and Edge with same result.  As soon as you confirm upgrade eligbility and you either click the button to view new phones or scroll down it just clears and leave the footer and is stuck. 

Very poor, seems that for new customers it's fine, similar problems have occurred for the past few years every time there is a new model release and existing upgrade custromers are all delayed due to some 'technical issues' in favour of new people getting one then once the new sales slow the upgrade options start to work but we are back of the queue for the deliveries.


pretty peed off that they would treat existing customers like second class citizens.


tempted not to bother see out my 12 months and use someone else like sky mobile

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