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Samsung Galaxy 10 heating issue

(Topic created on: 13-07-2021 02:49 PM)
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Galaxy S10 Series

I bought a samsung galaxy S 10 for the frp grp )  some months ago, often for workplace calling and texting, and now I'm having heating problems. Please allow me to understand when you have any brief answers or hints for this problem.

Any recommendation could be significantly appreciated.

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Superuser I
Galaxy S10 Series


Dai un edit postarii si scrie in limba romana altfel risti sa iti fie mutata postarea / edit the post and write in romanian or it might get moved to the UK forum.

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Superuser II
Galaxy S10 Series

Hi @frpgrp123 


Take a look in your Device Care , Battery Stats to see what's using the phone as an app that's heavy on resource can make the phone work harder thus causing heat.

The phone is only at issue if you see a pop up warning that the phone is warming up.

If this becomes exvessthem the phone can automatically power down.

Some generic troubleshooting tips are …

  • Clear your phone's System Cache Files by turning your phone Off and then from a set series of button presses go into the phone's System Files and clear the cache. No information is lost this way. You may need to insert your headphones or hook upto a computer with your data cable to get to this menu on the phone. 
  • Remove any case you've placed the phone in to see if that helps.
  • Put the phone in Safe Mode which disables your downloaded app's but let's your stock app's keep working. If the issues stop then this highlights a downloaded app as the possible issue. Come out of Safe Mode and start deleting your most recent downloaded app's one at a time until it stops. 
  • Back up and factory reset as a very last resort.
  • Let a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre take a look at the phone. 

I wish you all the best with this. 

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