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Smart Switch for Note 9 not transferring my iPhone content

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Hi all,


I’ve been using iPhones since the very first 3GS until recently when I made the decision to take a leap of faith and try my luck with Androids as I felt the need for a bit more freedom so went on to purchase a Samsung Note 9.After a previous success,I recently made many attempts to transfer the content of my iPhone via the Smart Switch as recommended using the dongle attached to the cable as I can’t do it wirelessly since my iPhone has never been  backed up on iCloud but only on my computer.The big issue is that my Samsung acknowledges the connection but keeps displaying “connecting to iPhone or iPad for data transfer" for hours on with no transfer between the 2 phones actually taking place and still no change despite rebooting my Note 9 as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the Smart Switch app on many occasions.It is worth emphasizing that I previously managed to transfer the content of my iPhone onto my Note 9 but that content is now about 3 months old as I left my Note 9 behind while abroad as I didn’t want to carry too many gadgets with me.I wanted to now update it with the current content and officially make the switch and close the iPhone chapter but to no avail.Can somebody please help as I’m just about to give up completely and sell my Samsung and reluctantly carry on with Apple.




Hope this help.


You may try the wireless transfer instead throu iCloud.


Transfer content directly from your old iPhone wirelessly, using iCloud. Please note, you'll need to back up all of the content on your iPhone with iCloud. Once you open the Smart Switch App on your Galaxy, you will see a prompt to import from iCloud.

Samsung Smart Switch is pre-installed on Galaxy devices.

Make sure you turn off two-step verification on your Apple ID before you start this process.

From the Home Screen, swipe up or down to access the app tray
Select 'Settings'
Tap 'Cloud and Accounts' or select the search bar and type 'Smart Switch'
Tap 'Samsung Smart Switch'
Tap 'Start'
Read and agree to the terms of service by selecting 'Agree'
Select 'Wireless'
Tap 'Receive'
Select 'iOS'
Input your iCloud username and password
Select 'Sign-in'
Choose what you'd like to transfer to your new device by unticking whatever you don't want to be transferred (Device settings and data are available to transfer from the first page)
Select 'Import' (Speed of transfer is dependant on Wi-Fi speed)
Once you've imported the basic information, you'll be presented with options to download media content such as photos, videos, voice memos, documents & messages. Untick whatever content you don't want to transfer.
Select 'Import'
Once the transfer is complete, tap 'Close app'
Disable iMessage on your iOS device to ensure you don't have any message disruption.
Your transfer is complete.





Thank you :smiling-face: 


If above wireless transfer won't work you may try iPhone > PC > Note 9.

On the link scroll down to "iOS to Galaxy S8 via a PC or Mac" for steps (disregard the S8, still applicable with Note 9)

Same link above, thanks.

Thanks for the suggestion,much appreciated but like I mentioned my iPhone has never been backed up on iCloud and considering it’s a 128GB and it can take up to an hour to upload 2GB of datas depending on the internet speed so it will require uninterrupted days of connection to make it possible if at all so that option can’t realistically be viable.

You may try the  ( iPhone > PC > Note 9) instead, please. 

To back up your content from your iPhone before we transfer it over to your new Galaxy:

  • Open iTunes on your PC or Mac – if you don't have it, download here
  • Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac using the Lighting cable
  • Select 'Continue' to allow your computer or Mac to give access to your iPhone
  • Select 'Trust' on your iPhone
  • Select the name of your iPhone in iTunes
  • Select 'Summary'
  • Untick 'Encrypt iPhone Backup'
  • Select 'This Computer'
  • Select 'Back Up Now'
  • Once you've finished, you can safely remove the iPhone from your PC or Mac by selecting the eject icon in iTunes and then pulling out the lighting cable from your PC or Mac
  • Download Samsung Smart Switch for PC or Mac
  • Install and open Smart Switch on your PC or Mac
  • Turn on your Galaxy
  • Connect the Galaxy to your PC or Mac via the USB cable that came in the box
  • Select 'Allow' to give your PC or Mac access to the phone data
  • Select 'Restore'

If you have no previous backups, select 'Restore Now' on the right hand-side of the Smart Switch program.

  • Select 'Select a Different Backup'
  • From the select bar on the top left hand-side of Smart Switch, select 'iTunes Backup Data'
  • Select and deselect the content you would like to transfer over to your new Galaxy.
  • Select 'OK'
  • Select 'Restore now'
  • Tab 'Allow' on the Galaxy to transfer content from your PC or Mac onto your new phone
  • Select 'OK' on your PC or Mac to confirm the transfer of your content
  • Once the transfer is complete, allow time for your new Galaxy device to update the settings and data that you've just transferred.

Thank you.

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