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Predictive text not showing after latest Android Update Version 10


Hi there, 


I have multiple keyboards set in Samsung keyboard -> Languages and types. 


The probelm I have, after the most recent update taking place (some week ago now) the predictive text is no longer showing up for russian keyboard. Why? 


I have English, UK and Portugese, they both show predictive text above. But not fur russian. This is very frustrating as I relied on this feature a lot when writing emails etc. 


Could you please share any suggestions and flag a fault for this. 


So far I have tried resetting the keyboard settings and restarting the phone. 


This happened after the latest software update. 



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I don't have the option of beta keyboard

Thanks so much I had tried all sorts to get mine working again, but this worked fantastic x


@Taz786 wrote:

Hi everyone, I have managed to find a solution. 

I was having the same issue but mine was more severe as it was not showing any word suggestions, no auto correct, no auto punctuation. I was having to type everything out myself. Very annoying. 

But I've managed to figure it out. You simply need to reset/restore the app. And the way to do this is to go to the app settings and clear all data.

So go to Settings>General management>Language and input>On-screen keyboard>Samsung keyboard. Click About Samsung keyboard. Now click the i icon in the top right hand corner. Click Storage, at the bottom of the screen you will see 2 options > Clear Data and Clear Cache. You want to click on  clear data. Once this is done, your app is now reset/restored. It will now work as normal. 


I hope this works for you. Let me know how you get on. 


Worked for me thanks






It worked! Thank you :smiling-face:

Thanks Taz

Your fix was clear concise, and above all it worked.

So very much obliged - I had tried a Gboard but struggeld with it!



Thanks man! 

Very annoying thing, resolved in few seconds



Oh my God! Thank you so much. That was driving me insane! 


Thanks m8 yea worked perfect was doing my head in 


Great fix. It's working again now.  Many thanks


Thank you for the instructions. It worked for me.

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