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Do Not Disturb - Exception missing?

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I can't turn on "do not disturb" and set a custom exception for a specific app. Now when my phone is on DND my house alarm activations app won't alert me if the alarm is screaming. 


I've also heard of people in the US having a big issue with this feature and Tornado alerts. 


Priority Fix Needed!


Does your alarm app sound the alarm or does your monitoring company send you a text?  On mine, the monitoring company sends me a text.  I've saved it as a favorite contact which punches through the Do not Disturb setting.  Then assigned them a specific alarm sound.  (Once I got a message from them so that I can tag the conversation and NOT assigning the tone to the contact, but thats another gripe... )

As for the weather warnings.  I've had to settle for a trade off.  Yes, My weatherapp sends out weather warnings.  But they have a problem determining what is Important and what is an advisory.  For example, yes I want to be told of a tornado warning, or severe thunderstorm...  But, the weather service releases advisories for things like, high heat warnings, or Air quality warnings.  And they send them out at 4:00 in the morning.  So I have my weather app set to shut up from 11:00 to 7:00 in the morning.  Yes, I live in the US.  And in Texas, during the summer, EVERY day is a high heat day.    


No I don't get a sms. I receive a notification on my phone about an active alarm and what zone and contact etc. In this case when DND is on the notification triggers but no vibration or audible alarm tells me about the activation. 


Ok. Try this. Settings > apps > scroll down to your alarm app and select.  Click on notifications.  Click on Show notifications, click on Sound, scroll down to the last entry, "Ignore do not disturb".  Screenshot_20190523-184058_Settings.jpg




I have had this feature for months (first Android) so that when my husband texts me on Google voice, I get the freakin text even with do not disturb on. Android updated itself this week and the feature is magically missing now. Screenshot_20200506-221301_Settings.jpg


I have been having this app override do not disturb for MONTHS and now I can't and I missed a really important text. Ugh. Is there anyway to fix this??? 

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