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Delayed or zero notifications on text and voicemails on Note 9

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I use an unlocked phone with Sprint as my carrier.  I never had delays until 10-12 weeks ago.  I do not get the notification at the top of the phone as I normally would and the app icon on my home screen also does not display a number.  But, if I open the app there will often be the unread message or voicemail in the respective application.  All of the notification and alerts are set properly.


Additionally, sometimes the text or voicemail does not popluate until hours later or the next day.  The original time stamp is there, but it could be 12 hours old before it shows up in the app.


Is this a Sprint issue or a phone issue?


Can I simply reinstall the operating system without wiping out files, settings, apps and saved password/security biometrics??


Thank you!


@dejay11: Is the issue only occurring with network specific apps (Phone and Messages)? Have you tried contacting Sprint to see if there are any restrictions to the service in your area? In the meantime, please double check that the following settings are active.
1. Settings > Notifications > App Icon Badges > Badge Style > Number
2. Settings > Apps > Messages > Notifications > General Notifications > On > New Messages > On
I also recommend refreshing the device by pressing the Volume Down and Power buttons together for around 10 seconds until the phone restarts. It is possible to return the phone to its factory settings via Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset , however please ensure that you create an external backup first via Samsung Cloud or Smart Switch on your home computer:

Thank you Andrew.  I did not shut off the "New Messages"  but found it off.  I have it turned on and will monitor.  I appreciate the guidance and hope that resolves and will let you know in the next couple of days.


Regarding your question about specific apps, yes, like I mentioned the delays or zero notifications seems to be impacting the text and voicemail apps only.  That's why I thought this might be the cell provider (Sprint).  I did not call them about it to see if they could identify any possible delays on those with my account for fear that it would be a life draining rabbit hole!  LOL

Hi Andrew, 


I have not tried contacting Sprint.  I feel like that would just be another bottomless pit and scripted troubleshooting that I don't have time for.  I do want to say that after following your instructions, my notifications seem to work better.  I did recieve a voice call yesterday morning about 10:30 AM and since it was a phone number I didn't recognize I let it ring and go to voicemail.  My Sprint Voicemail notification did not populate at the top of my home page until about 11PM last night.  This is the kind of delays I have been seeing with texting, just not the last week on the texting.


I actually believe this to be a Sprint issue, but not sure how to approach it.  Any ideas would be great.  Thanks again for your help, stay safe out there.


Dennis (Dejay11) 

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why can't I get application icon off my screen it's even in camera view
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