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What do you do to protect your AMOLED screen?

(Topic created on: 02-02-2020 01:31 AM)
Galaxy Note10 Series

Do you take any precautions to protect against screen burn-in? On my Note8 I used to play a snooker game. After several months my screen had half a snooker table permanently etched into my display. Are there any alternatives to this problem other than not playing games at all? I don't want this happening to my Note10+.

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Galaxy Note10 Series

Screen burn can happen for a few reasons and not just playing games @Autokrator 


Samsung are aware of these issues and thus typically help under the 24 month manufacturer warranty.


I'm not a massive gamer to be honest and only play the odd game if I need to kill some time but that's not for extended periods of time.


So maybe curb the amount of time your playing and take into account a static part of a game like the snooker table can cause issues as you've found out as I assume its not moving around the screen etc.



I'd say just enjoy your phone.



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