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Andriod 12 - Note10+

(Topic created on: 10-03-2022 10:33 PM)
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Hi all i have the note 10+ ,

Im from ireland and i cant update to andriod 12, my girlfriend has the s10 and she recieved the update can anyone give me insight to why i cant get it 

not by any means an expert but this is a common trend involving android and updating devices.
basically comapnies have to ensure that the next version of android released is compatible with each device that still recives support by its organisation.
for example, samsung stated their devices get around 2-4 years of support before discontinuing software updates. the s10 line up are still eligible for software updates so they are still optimising those devices for android 12. the reason not all samsung devices that are stilll eligible arent updated at the same time is because samsung focuses one 1 line up at a time to monitor it and ensure there are no performance issues or bugs. the s21 line up took priority in updates since it was the latest before the s22.

hopefully that answers your question
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Hi @Fluxx 


As well as checking in your phone's software update section also try using Samsung Smartswitch. 

Updates are sent out in batches in connection to Region, phone model and phone serial build and serial number.

This maybe the reason your girlfriends phone has had the update.

Also some networks ask Samsung to hold back se ding the update to their branded phone's i.e phone's supplied by them while they test the update to ensure nothing clashes with their network apps and features.


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Hi all, i got sorted :smiling-face: the update was region locked i used a vpn to change my location to poland from where the phone was from,

The one ui 4.0 update immidatly showed up thanks all