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Note 10+ front camera black after hard reset

I hard reset my Note 10+ to wipe it from all data so I could sell it. Its 13 months old. The new owner claims that the front camera is not working, showing a black screen. I recommended another hard reset, plus several tips I found online...Is it a known issue that a hard reset can cause such problems?
A hard reset shouldn't cause anything like that to happen. If the new owner is seeing issues like that. They should contact Samsung or take it into a service centre to get it checked out. It sounds more like a hardware issue
Thank you for your input. I agree with you. The phone was never mishandled, or fell, there in no visible damage, not even a scratch! How can hardware fail, just be a hard reset?

@chrisstamb  i think of something else...

What OneUI is the new owner using ? OneUI 2.5 ?

Cause with some 3rd party photo apps front cam will not work on 2.5 and give a black screen (samsung removed raw API on oneui 2.5).

Ask him for this and also for proof that front cam gives black screen on Samsung camera app.

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