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Camera on Galaxy10+

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I don't think my Galaxy10+ camera is working as it should following a camera software update a few weeks ago. The pics are not as sharp or the light as good. I have reset the setting several times but to no effect. The light seems to come and go when taking a picture and sometime the shutter clicks but no photo is taken. This happens when I first switch the camera on. I have been advised to do a factory reset on the mobile. Is this the best option? I really miss taking good pics. The difference between pictures taken before and after the update is not immediately obvious but can be seen when comparing old and new pictures.

maybe try updating your camera to the latest version via an apk file
but I also read the same in a forum a couple of days ago about the camera now acting up
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Not sure what an apk file is. I'll check it out. Thank you

my S10+ takes some great pictures




those are some pretty cool pics! 🙂
wow, my note 10+ is good too,
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