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why is Samsung so Apple?

(Topic created on: 29-01-2021 02:05 PM)
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So over the past like 3 years every Samsung update has been very similar if not the same as an apple phone what is going on? Face unlock has the padlock now like an apple phone I just did the 2021 update and now the volume rockers are now exactly identical to apples what are your thoughts? I know why it's obviously the customers if they want an iphone so bad why haven't they got one you wouldn't buy an audi then try turning it into a merc would you?
I see what your saying, to me samsung is the iPhone of android their one ui is completely different to stock android and I hate stock android so that's good, alot of Samsung products work best with only samsung and now they are removing features and selling you the solution however having said all of that to me it's a completely different experience to apple and a much better one in my opinion. I love samsungs and will always stick to them.
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I agree with @AshtabS9Ultra  that Samsung phone's,  android and Samsung One Ui is a completely different user experience to that of Apples iOS and iPhone's etc. 

iPhone's are way too sandboxed by Apple as is their iOS with things practically working as they want them to not the user.

The good thing about iPhone's is that you can pick one up and pretty much start using it straight away as they are all the same.

That's also the issue for me too because of the very little customisation on them.

Samsung can't stand still with what they have in the way of hardware and software @Kylum as the competition would soon catch up and consumers would get bored as the sector stagnates.

There is always going to be some comparison between Samsung and Apple with hardware and software as it's a parallel product. Other manufacturers included.

Apple integrate into their hardware and software what other manufacturers have been using for years and re badge the name and stick an '  i  ' before it !

I've even known them to integrate tweaks from the jailbreaking community and re name it.


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