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Terrible Battery Life - No exaggeration! Note 20 Ultra

(Topic created on: 25-11-2022 03:40 PM)
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Hi all,
Apologies for the rather dramatic title, but I am not sure what is up with my Note 20 ULTRA.

I have the always-on display disabled, it runs at 60Hz not 120, and there is only about 65GB of things on the phone. I regularly clean the cache, apps and RAM. I always have Power Saving mode switched on. 

I have a healthy routine when it comes to charging it. Screen brightness is always relatively minimal. 

Despite all this, I'm lucky to get a good 6 hours of battery from 100% with very minor usage and mobile data turned off. I am training to be a teacher, and yesterday I went into school at around 8:30. My phone was on 60%. I was minorly using it (as I was teaching, plus using phones can be a safeguarding risk) and by around 11:30 it was down to around 20%. It conked out later that day. I have to bring a charger with me to work or wherever. My phone struggles to get me through a day with minimal use 

I am not the original owner of the phone, so I have checked the battery health - AccuBattery says around 82% health, yet Device Care says battery health is "good". Any ideas as to what is up with my phone?

Thanks all!
Hello @Dawnsio, have a look at Samsungs Good Guardians, the Battery Tracker and Battery Guardian tools will help to identify any apps that are potential high battery users. I always run the App Optimixer every month or so to keep them in tip top condition too. I try and treat my phone more like my laptop of a couple of years ago now. They tend to need mire looking after today.

Hi there, @Dawnsio. As you are undertaking your teacher training, it is absolutely understandable that you'll want your phone to give you reliable all-day battery life.

In addition to what @robd1 has advised, the following guide contains some other very useful battery-saving tips:

It definitely sounds like you're already taking some steps to maximise the battery life on your Note20 Ultra.

The following thread contains some excellent tips, too:

As a general guide, please ensure that you regularly update the software on your phone, as well as making sure that you update your apps via Galaxy Store and/or Google Play Store.

After you have installed a software update, wiping the cache partition and using the following app can prove particularly beneficial as well:

To Wipe cache partition on your Note20 Ultra, I recommend reading the contribution/steps provided by @JAMES4578 in this thread:

Summing it up, I recommend checking to see whether there are any apps which seem to be consuming excessively large amounts of battery.

To find this, head to Settings > Battery and device Care > Battery > Battery Usage.

If there are any such apps, then you uninstall those that you don't need or manage them in such a way that they do not impact your battery life to the extent they do currently. Some apps will consume some background processes and battery life, even when you are not actively using them.

The guide below from our colleagues at Samsung US contains some superb information about putting apps into various Sleep states:

Putting various apps into Deep sleep will likely have a very positive impact on your battery life.

Please let us know how you get on. 

Hello @PaulM1, this is great info and the sort of thing that would make a great sticky. It has become obvious over recent weeks that Battery utilisation is now a major issue and requires a concerted information flow to keep the customer base informed and satisfied.
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Hi, I know this post was a while ago but did your battery life get better? I have just bought a used note 20 ultra & the accubattery says I have 87% health - has yours deteriorated more?