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Some Apps & Google framework keep crashing & Cannot save picture and screenshot

(Topic created on: 22-10-2023 04:39 PM)
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I 've been experiencing the following issues for the past couple of days for my Note 10 Plus 256 GB

Build number SP1A.210812.016.N975FXXS9HWG9

One UI 4.1

Android 12

Security Patch 1 Aug 23


- Apps keep stopping or crashing upon opening, such as Gmail, Outlook, Maybank Mae (Malaysian bank), Pi Coin, Google Framework, and Google Play.

Here are the troubleshooting steps I've tried, but the problem still persists:

- Cleaning the cache and data of the apps.

- Reinstalling the apps, except for Pi.

- Performing a soft reset by holding the power and volume down buttons.

- Wiping the cache partition by pressing the power and volume up buttons.

- Booting in safe mode, but Gmail still crashes.

- Uninstalling updates of Android System Webview.

I started experiencing this issue around October 16-17, 2023, out of the blue, and I noticed that Chrome was updated around the same time.

Problem 2: I cannot save pictures.

I'm unable to save or download any pictures, including screenshots. When taking a screenshot, even on the home panel, it shows "Cannot take a screenshot due to privacy."

Troubleshooting steps taken:

- Resetting app preferences in the permission manager.

- Cleaning the cache and data of the gallery.

- Disabling and enabling Samsung Capture permission.

Despite these efforts, my phone has lost around 60% of its functionality.

I contacted Samsung support in Malaysia, and they suggested performing a clean reset. However, I disagree with this proposal, as it's not a solid solution. I don't want to wipe my Note 10 Plus 256 since there's no guarantee that this problem isn't due to a bug. Additionally, it will take me a day or two to perform the backup and restore, which is not a wise choice.

I've read that there are a number of Samsung S22 and S23 devices experiencing similar app crashing issues, even after performing a clean device reset.