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Samsung Turkey forgot to sent my 'Bixby button'

(Topic created on: 13-06-2019 06:36 PM)
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I noticed that the bixby button on my samsung galaxy note 9 is moving and comes out of force. I thought forcing to repair can greater damage, technical service may repair it more easily so i sent the phone to samsung technical service 23 March 2019.
Samsung Turkey told me 'entire screen and the frame' had to be change. And its cost was expensive for me. I asked them to send my phone back to me.
Disgrace begins here;
There was no 'bixby key' when I took my phone from the cargo. I called Samsung again and explained the situation. I was asked to send the phone back to them. So i sent my phone back to Samsung Turkey.
When they call me 12 june 2019 (after 20 days) ; My case was examined and found my phone had no 'bixby key' when i send them at first. added 'there is nothing they can do'
What they said shocked me. Because i alreadt sent the phone to repair the bixby key. Not because the phone has no bixby key.
There is also no way the phone can go without the key. I put the phone in to the original box with my own hand.
I regret sent the phone to Samsung Turkey. I'm trying to make my voice heard here.
My phone's registration number of technical service on Samsung Turkey is; 4223205266

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When I'm discussing with a person in regards to sending a phone away for repair I always suggest the following @klebsiella 


Take time and date stamped pictures of the phone to prove its aesthetic condition.


And take one of it turned On to prove it powers up.


Unfortunately if your Samsung Support channel is saying there was no Bixby Button in the phone or packaging and won't budge on that decision then the next step would be to raise an official complaint via the online form on Samsungs official site and see if there willing to offer a gesture of goodwill.


Noone on the forum can circumvent an official response already from Samsung Support @klebsiella 



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