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Samsung Notes cross compatibility

(Topic created on: 22-11-2019 02:05 PM)
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I've a nice Note 10 Plus 5G and I'm really satisfied about this device.

What I'm really missing if the possibility to see and edit the notes taken on  Note 10 Plus in the Windows PC or even with the webbrowser how it is happening since a lot of time with other  softwares (e.g. OneNote for instance).

I know that there is a windows application for Samsung Notes but it is not possibile to download it in normal  computers.

I know that there is also a workaround but this is not official and really I can't understand why Samsung is not allowing to use Samsung Notes in the computer or web browser for further editing. It could be good to have a synch tool to other platform if the above requestes can't be satisifed.

I believe that the user experience is not really satisfactory until Samsung Notes will not be available to other platforms.

Thank you for your kind attention


Hi @donomark1:smiling-face:


Is this the Windows Samsung Notes app you're referring to? 


Unsure what you mean by it being "impossible to download to normal computers" though. I came across a thread over on the US Community where some users were saying they were getting an' incompatible with their PC' message after trying to download the app from their version of the Microsoft Store  - is the same thing happening in your case?


If so, one of them found a solution to it here:


In case that link gets broken, that post from Paige over on the US Community:


"Fix for Microsoft Store app telling you (erroneously) that this app isn't compatible with your PC:


Above link will open the appropriate Microsoft store website in a new browser tab.  If you click Get it will open the Microsoft Store app on your PC.  Next to Get is the ... (menu) button. If you click ... you will have the option to Add to cart, select this & complete the entire checkout process (the app is free, don't worry lOl). Once the checkout process is complete open the Microsoft Store app on your PC. In the upper right corner of the window click the ... menu & click the My Library scroll through your owned items until you find Samsung Notes, you should now see a blue Install option, click this & it should proceed normally. 



  • This was written after spending an hour trying to figure this out for myself, hopefully this helps someone else save themselves some time."