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Notification Sounds overriding apps own sounds

(Topic created on: 14-05-2023 05:24 AM)
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I have apps that make their own sounds (fb messenger, Obey Me, etc.) But my phone just keeps playing its default notification sounds no matter what I set it too. The apps are set to play their sounds my phone just won't. Help please. SAMSUNG Note 20 5G model

First Poster

This is such a simple yet infuriating problem that Samsung needs to address. 

The Grubhub driver app has a default notification sound of a clanging cowbell whenever you get a new order, and it's litterally humiliating. I've tried everything in-app, and in my system settings, but it just doesn't change. And the only other option is to disable sound, and that's not an option because I must hear new orders. So I have to endure being repeatedly humiliated as the guy with no self-awareness who's standing in front of everyone at the restaurant with the ugly notification playing at maximum volume every other minute.


This has been an issue for years for me, across two different galaxy phones. People have probably lost entire jobs over their phone going off in meetings and situations like that. Like, this is a serious problem and a core function of a cell phone. Please Samsung.