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Note 20 ultra rebooting...unresolved

(Topic created on: 29-01-2022 02:00 PM)

Hi All, 

First post and sadly one of desperation. Had a Note 20 Ultra for some months. Have experienced random reboots at least twice a day since then. Have researched and tried all the steps such as checking auto reboots settings, safe mode, removing some 3rd party apps, wiping cache and multiple factory resets. Phone has been back to Vodafone store TWICE for repair with "no fault found" and "reflash of firmware" whatever that means.......and still it reboots for no reason. 

I've read many posts but still have not seen a fix for this. 

I remain dumbfounded how a company like Samsung can allow a problem like this on what was a flagship phone to remain with no clear resolution, and as a serial purchaser in Samsung phones, I am finally at the point of making the leap to a different company not associated with Android.

In the final throes of desperation, could anybody suggest any other possible fixes, I have seen a reference to a possible corruption during the initial launch sequence...and I have noticed after the many factory resets that once finished the initial set up there is a Galaxy notification that asks to complete initial set up and have to go through the process again. Maybe a red herring but thought I would mention it. 

Any help gratefully received. 



You can try benchmark phone, give workload and to see whats happen. So second
you can going into your device care app and click on the 3 dots in upper corner and make sure your auto start is off. Maybe there is app which does some more then you think. And from where you installed.
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
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Sounds like a hardware problem with it. I had the Note 20 Ultra, and it never did this.
Would suggest that if Vodafone have tried to fix it and it's still not resolved. Possibly see about getting them to replace the device if you are still within a warranty period.
Sounds like you have done all you can. Shouldn't have to go through the initial setup more than once either.
Hi, I had same issue and sadly mine was worse than yours. Mine was stuck in the loop of rebooting and also getting heated up whilst that was happening. To be honest Samsung did try fix it but offer no solution to it. What I came to do was to limit the application installed.
I wish could provide you with a more viable option but sadly I can not phone is working well now.

Thanks for the responses. Auto restart and auto optimisation are definitely both off. Vodafone insist on taking the phone again in yet another futile attempt to repair, third time, and will decide whether or not to replace. One more week without phone, although still paying for it. Unbelievable.

To add some more info in case of anybody else suffering, the reboots only happen when the phone is not being actively used or when it is connected to android auto, never whilst been using it in my hand. I found a comment on the Spanish Samsung Community that suggested a motherboard replacement may have fixed the issue. It seems I have to lick my wounds, pre-emptively prepare my cloud data for a migration to another platform while I await the inevitable shrugging of shoulders from the Vodafone and Samsung approved repair centre, the latter apparently incapable of detecting a major phone issue experienced since 2020 in their flagship handsets. I will stay positive for the time being that some small atom of consideration for customer satisfaction remains and recognition of a faulty handset needing replacing.....we will see. 

I reiterate my thanks for the replies and the efforts to help. I prepare to accept that I have misplaced my confidence in Samsung and their flagship phone and tablet, for which my punishment will be to invest in another platform.