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Note 10+ Cracked Screen & Flickering

(Topic created on: 23-05-2020 11:09 PM)
First Poster

So, I took my Note 10+ out of my pocket the other day, and there was the "mysterious" crack right on the edge above the power button. The crack goes in 3 directions including right across the screen to the other side. I am positive that the phone recieved no drops or impacts that day. I have had a case and screen protector on it from day 1 and have taken care of it, but now this mysterious crack has appeared. It seems like this is a common problem with these phones. Is it worth attempting to approach Samsung about this, or am I wasting my time?


The worst part is, 2 days after the crack, the screen just strobes from the exact point of the crack down to the bottom most of the time now. That is of course if I can get it to turn on at all. I have to press the power button over and over again until the screen turns on. All touch features are working fine, and once it turns on, it will eventually stop flickering long enough to use it. I have booked a Samsung Technician to come and replace my screen as I can't currently go in to the store. The next available date is nearly 3 weeks away. I can't be without my phone this long as I use it for work. Is there anything I can do? Like others I am not too impressed with this £1,000 phone that's now cost me another £280 after 7 months of owning it.


Thank in advance.

@danb1907: Sorry to hear that you have experienced this issue with your Note 10+. Where physical damage is concerned you have done the right thing in reaching out to arrange a repair, as it's likely that it is a contributing factor towards your display issues. The engineer will be able to determine if the damage stemmed from a manufacturing defect, although if not, a charge will be applicable to cover the cost of the service.