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Not receiving notifications on lock screen for Ring camera

(Topic created on: 23-05-2020 03:31 PM)
First Poster

I have the Note 10+.  Notifications when motion is detected by my Ring camera used to show on the lock screen but stopped about 2 months ago. They do still show if my screen is awake and I just happened to be using it at that moment. But who keeps their phone awake 24/7. My cameras are useless right now.  Ring has not been able to help. Has anyone else had this happen and how did you fix it?  We've checked all the settings, cleared cache/data, uninstalled and reinstalled. They even had me uninstall all apps for virus protection, malware, etc. Ring assumed it was the settings on the phone and want me to do a factory reset, which I refused since thats a lot of work to put everything back when I don't think thats the issue. The reason, is because it also is like this on my tablet. I did agree to the factory reset on the tablet since I don't have as much on that.  It did not fix the problem. I believe it was something in an update at that time.