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Loud speaker is turning off automatically when placing hands free calls

(Topic created on: 29-02-2020 01:36 PM)

Hands free speaker is turning off and alternating between top and bottom speaker when placing both sim calls and WhatsApp calls. The issue gets temporarily resolved when turning off and turning on the speaker option. Also the loud speaker quality is poor and trembling

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Hi @Surendhar 


It maybe worth self troubleshooting by going over to your dial pad and type in *#0*#, this will bring up a number of tests.


That and or visit a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre for a diagnostic.



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I performed that test before and it works flawlessly during the test. The speaker randomly stops working or switches to one speaker only (top or bottom) during the call.. not immediately at the start of the call. I feel it's more of a software problem than the hardware


I too am having this issue.  Its very annoying. 


It happened to me the other day while I was using DEX. I was docked in on my DEX puck on a phone call, with the speaker on. I recieved another call, so I opted to put my current call on hold, while I took the new call. Speaker phone was still on for the duration of the new call. However when the new caller dropped, and the phone switched back to the call on hold, the audio was no longer on speakerphone. Get this, the speakerphone icon was still lit green to show the speakerphone setting was still on. However the audio was clearly not on speakerphone.


Usually I would just toggle the speakerphone setting on/off, and that would fix it temporarily. What further complicated my experience is DEX doesn't allow you to toggle the speakerphone icon during a phone call, while in DEX Mode. So the only recourse was to hang up and dial again. 


Samsung, Please fix this.