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Feature request: Vertical scrolling friction - Super delicate

(Topic created on: 28-08-2023 05:21 AM)
Hello Samsung Mobile device,

Please could you go much much further with the native vertical scrolling on One UI in any list view and provide the following:

• Greater increased smoother scrolling friction - by this I mean even the slightest millimetre of flick (a very small nudge) with my finger in any scroll view would send the scrolling list flying at buttery smooth greater speed. Having never owned an iPhone before, I've still been abale to experience this effect on various tester iPhones for many years.

• Please add the universal customising ability to precisely adjust the Scrolling friction of any and all apps throughout the whole system (including Chrome).


Currently Android apps Samsung Internet and ZPlayer have the smoothest of vertical scrolling as these apps implement it themselves.

Quote below from this Reddit poat:

But when it comes to slow scrolling (this is when you're focused and are looking for something) iOS has a small tweak that makes it very satisfying to scroll. And this tweak is with the inertia. On iOS, when you make a small flick, the screen keeps scrolling, it creates a feeling of whatever you're scrolling is "on ice" or like a cube of butter on a smooth hot pan, it keeps moving. This produces a very nice effect. On Android on the other hand, when you make a small flick, the screen stops immediately like there is too much friction underneath. It does not feel as "airy" and "slippery".

His video he posted here:

A next release of One UI could really benefit from this iOS scrolling inertia technique.


At the next opportunity I will test the vertical scrolling effect of the iPhone 14 Pro just for comparison and I will report back here on this topic

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I would suggest to send your feedback also directly to Samsung via your Samsung Members App @Chookz 

It would then mean your feature requests get to the right department. 

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