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Feature request: Landscape orientation with enhancemens for Smart View casting

(Topic created on: 27-08-2023 08:04 PM)
Hello Samsung Mobile,

After playing around for a few hours with the "Smart View" function of wirelessly screen casting my phone's screen onto my Samsung TV, it led me to having some important feedback.

In the Settings of Smart View, we can already change the aspect ratio between phone and connected device.

Furthermore in my daily scenario I always have my phone's native Auto rotation as DISABLED, so that it's in permanent Portrait orientation. I like it like this and then I can just manually change it from the drop down when I see fit.

Due to the fixed shape and aspect ratio of most 4K Televisions.

Let me get to the point...

The feature I'm requesting is the settings option ability for Smart View to always open any app as Landscape even whilst my phone auto-orientation is disabled.

All apps whether launched from home screen or apps list would then always open in a Landscape view until I choose to disconnect Smart View.

This feature is important for when casting to a TV especially one as big and wide as mine.

So I would have Portrait view on my phone but a Landscape view on my connected device (TV) if I have this proposed feature as enabled.

This would mean I could be browsing Chrome app in Portrait orientation on my phone but displayed on my TV would be Chrome apps Landscape orientation of the whole app.

There could be more enhancemens to this same feature such as including Landscape for:
• all apps
• selected apps only (list)
• home screen
• lock screen
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I would suggest to send your feedback also directly to Samsung via your Samsung Members App @Chookz 

It would then mean your feature requests get to the right department. 

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