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Contacts on Samsung Orange Icon - Closed ; issue resolved by upgrading phone

(Topic created on: 16-07-2020 02:56 AM)
I first purchased a Samsung Note when I sawpped from an iPhone to Android on the Note 5. 

Now I am on the Note 10, having upgraded every year (apart from the Black hole between 6-7), Note , Note II, 8, 9 and as I have said, then 10. 

There's two Icons that lead to "Contacts". The blue Icons when opened shows any contact you may have that is connected to your Google Account. The Orange Icon is for Samsung's own contact system. 

Up to the last update my Orange Contacts were fine. showed both the "Samsung" saved details and "Google" in tabs at the top of the Contact sheet when you click to edit the contact, however, in the list from A-Z you would see only 1 John Smith, with their photo if you uploaded it. 

Now,, for some reason, I am seeing anything between 1 and 7 tabs despite contacts previously only showing the Samsung Tab at the top. When I go into John Smith's first listing it may be up to date, or 5-8 years old and out of date. I click edit and at the top, the account is either "Samsung Account" or "Google" with the odd "Skype" "" etc. A "Google" Account may show an email address that I may have used 5 years ago when working for a company that used Google rather than Microsoft Office Exchange. There will be in some cases up to 10 seperate tabs. They show old email addresses e.g. or (not the real email addresses, just examples), plus in some instances a "Phone" tab. I delete every tab to the last if it has the current Google account I have had since I purchased the Note 8, which replaced the email address I had to used on the Samsung 5 through to getting the 8 with no issue. Each person had one contact, all their details with the default marked.

Today, I managed to develop sore fingers, eyes and OCD trying to get a contact to have a single listing. I would delete them until I was happy, deleted the back up (having already turned sync off on Samsung Cloud, Memory Card, Google account and Office 365)). I would then create a back up on each platform of what I thought was a clean copy.

Once done, I would simply restart the phone after clearing the Cache.

Within 30 minutes, I could look at the "Orange " Icon and all the duplicates were back. The "Blue" Icon, picking up its emails from my Google sourced account were all fine, not one had changed.

I have double checked that there should be no accounts with those email addresses on Google, Samsung Members and Microsoft Office, where the tabs with the old email addresses appear having made sure any were deleted months ago.  I have even deleted all my contacts on Microsoft Outlook Exchange, Google's webmail.

Has anyone got any idea of what I should do please? 

Thanks in advance of your help.

Owned everything from the original Note to S22 Ultra. Disappointing that Samsung does innovate as they used to.