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Where are my A51 photos?

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When I go into gallery on my phone I have literally hundreds of photos but when I connect my phone to my laptop to sort them out I can only find a couple of dozen in card / DCIM. (My settings are save to card). I've checked in the phone photos folder but it's empty. Anyone any idea where they are hiding please?


@Members_ylofvMb: Do you have an SD card reader on your laptop? If so, try removing the card from your A51 and use the card reader to see if the photos are accessible via this approach. I'd also recommend installing Smart Switch on your laptop via the link below by clicking on 'How Do I get Smart Switch On My PC or Mac' and selecting the relevant version. Once installed, open Smart Switch, connect your A51 using a USB cable, click on the Backup tab, and check to see if the number of photos in your phone's Gallery is reflected in the backup.

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