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Website logins disappeared


Galaxy A70 with Kaspersky Internet security.  Less than a year old and always updated.


I turn it off over night and I usually login to about 3 forum websites with saved logins, that is the phone connect immediately through my home wifi.  Yesterday after starting the phone and trying to connect to my usual forums, I was required to login again.  OK but when I tried the login was refused due to incorrect username/password even though I knoew they were correctly entered.  The username/passwords still worked off my laptop PC.  I could only connect to the forums (I only did one) by going there on my laptop and changing the password.  The phone would then connect to the forum website.


What is going on here?  Has my phone been compromised by some scammer after my logins/passwords hoping to get banking login data?  I don't do banking by smart phone!!


Advice appreciated, thank you.  Jerry

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