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Serious Bugs in UI (A52s 5G)

(Topic created on: 12-10-2021 06:07 PM)
I'm experiencing a lot of stuttering and lags in my phone. I'm sure it's due to the 'not so good' optimization of the UI. The processor is quite nice and I don't expect such performance from a 6nm chip. So, definitely it's optimization.

1. I'm not even talking about heavy apps. It's just normal apps like Whatsapp, Google Maps, YouTube, Camera App, etc.
2. I also noticed that the compass doesn't work well in Maps. I have to calibrate it every time using the Live View option in Maps.
3. My system launcher stops working. My phone is completely unresponsive for about 2 minutes.
4. Battery drain is average and can be better.
5. After clicking a picture, or if I open the camera app, the phone lags a lot! The interaction of the camera app with gesture navigation needs to be improved.
6. I also noticed that the AOD lights up the whole display. This is for "Always show" option and works fine for "Show for 10 seconds".

I've used many brands and phones, out of which I feel RealmeUI and OnePlus have been the best. But this experience from OneUI is even worse than MiUI. 

I don't expect such issues from OneUI and a 6nm chip. Please fix these Asap.
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I'm also experiencing stutters and 'jumping' in most scrolling activities, like Google Feed, BBC News app, Twitter. I'm extremely disappointed with the 'performance' of this new phone...

I didn't have any stuttering problems on my old Galaxy J6. Sure the screen wasn't as smooth at 60Hz, but at least there wasn't any stuttering.

I'm seriously considering returning it while I can, and go with a cheaper device like POCO... 😞