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Screen cracked on its own. DID NOT DROP

(Topic created on: 04-12-2021 04:45 PM)
Galaxy A Series

I bought my A42 November 7th and also bought an Otterbox so it was protected from day 1. This was my first Samsung phone, and it took quite some time for me to set it up. On November 17th I was working with one other coworker doing a simple project. I used a photo on my phone to build what I was doing like I have countless other times. I very gently set the phone down (I DID NOT DROP IT!) and as I looked away, I noticed my phone looked to be covered in dust. So, I picked it up. It was cracked top to bottom, it had pieces of glass and dust on it and the screen was black. If my coworker wasn't on the other side of me I would be convinced she hit it with a hammer by the way it looked, but she was a witness to this and was just as baffled as me. 

  1. Verizon told me I need a whole new device.
  2. Ubreakifix said the screen just needed replaced, they called 8 days later saying they could not get the repair kit and I would need to contact Samsung for one.
  3. Samsung told me I needed to send the phone in, and I would be paying for a repair, didn't even respond to my situation. 
  4. Ubreakifix now says to send the phone to them and I should have it back in 5-8 days. 

I spent $450 on a phone I used for about 10 days, this is not right! I doubt I will ever buy samsung again if they do not do the right thing...

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Galaxy A Series

Both my wife's phone and mine, also both A42s, did the same thing. We both had identical cracks that only spiderwebbed and got worse. Def my first and last Samsung.