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Samsung Galaxy A51 5g 8 Month review

(Topic created on: 27-06-2021 01:50 PM)
I have had my Samsung Galaxy A51 5g since October 2020. I had been looking at getting this phone for a couple of months prior to purchase even though I had heard a few mixed opinions (but enough to persuade me that this phone would work for me). This phone has not disappinted at all. 


- In particular amazing sound quality and Battery Life 

Negatives (But really minor) 
No wireless charging (I found an adapter I can plug in to my phone so it can be compatible with wireless charging but I wish it was built in) 
Updates (security patch wise) are quite behind (this is more directed towards whoever dictates updates for devices rather than towards the phone itself). 

All in all, an amazing phone which I would recommwnd to anyone who wants a great phone which isn't overly expensive 😊
Helping Hand
yeah I agree with all of these, but a few differences:

Good performance for the price
Software features
Good camera
Metal frame (many midrange phones use plastic for some reason now as the midframe, which unless done like the pixel 4a is bad for durability)
Software features
3 years OS updates
Battery life is pretty good

Disadvantages (ik it looks larger but they are reasonably minor):
Mono speaker kinda sucks, I'm used to mono speakers but comparing it to something like a S20 or even iPhone X with stereo and it's miles behind
No water resistance at all (no rubber seals)
60hz is fine but 90 would have been nice
And update frequency isn't that quick as you mentioned, it's not the phone's fault but rather Samsung.
One UI gesture navigation is also not as smooth as stock android or iOS, and some other places of the UI too but it's arguably worth it for the features you get
And the back is a bit too thin as a material, as well as being glossy. It picks up a lot of fingerprints due to the glossy plastic. I use a case though, and did come from a phone with a solid glass back (a8) so not everyone would probably care
Also there are hardly any decent cases for the a51 5g, rather only for the regular a51 due to the slight differences in dimensions they don't fit (fyi the a52 and a52 5g are exactly the same size). Companies like Spigen (who I used before and cab safely say make thin and durable cases) don't make any for this phone, which is a bit annoying tbf

Overall it's a great phone, still a good deal now if you can find it for under £320 (better then a52 4g for some due to the soc). Any more then that and the a52 5g is better as it fixes pretty much all my complaints (ip67, stereo speakers, 120hz) albeit with a plastic frame (but the back is matte which looks nicer imo then glossy we have here)
Yes it is so hard to find nice cases for A51 5g, tbh thats more of a fault of phone case companies rather than the phone itself. But still a pain. Water resistance doesnt bother me too much, although it would be nice to have a phone with water resistance. Even tho it isnt water resistant I can still use it safely in the rain without it glitching too much (I had to text someone urgently when it was raining and the phone was fine). My old phone (Galaxy A9 2018) did terribly if you got it wet, I lietrally would have to wipe it down with at least 3 tissues before being able to use it without glitching after even getting it a bit wet only from rain.
First Poster

I've had this phone for 2 years and since summer 2021 I've had nothing but issues with this phone, the charging is a pain sometimes it says it will take 8 hours to charge or even 36 hours, and you better hope it doesn't die or else its a 30 min battle to get it to charge this is by far the worse phone I've owned

The post you have commented on is an old one from 2021. I had the a51 5g for just under a year before it started developing issues, it started developing issues October 2021. Rode it out for 4 months after and the issues only got worse. Therefore I moved on from the A51 5g and now use the S21. Way better and a huge improvement 👍 It was a shame about the A51 5g though