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samsung galaxy a34 5g, waits wifi update

(Topic created on: 15-05-2023 08:13 AM)
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(edit; sorry i noticed there was when clicked right of notification, more information, could use data, at right.. i think this should happen automatically anyway, if phone knows user only uses mobiledata, so not bother with not needed notifications about wifi or mobile data, if obviously uses ONLY mobiledata?)



why samsung a34 5g gives often notification that some unknown app/file ? waiting WIFI to update , although this is mobilephone and obviously uses mobiledata then?

I have also put settings to galaxy store and google play store that updates can use mobile data?

I also have no limit mobiledata deal with operator so i would not need wifi with phone.

Because there already is connection to internet.

If not other solution maybe i should put phone at night to wifi too, but should then put mobile data off, so they both are not ON same time?

I also think why i can not know what is that app or file that needs wifi to update? That is not reading in notification?


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there was though some apps like bixby that i put to not use, could there be something asking wifi although i dont use bixby?


no, it was not but i learn more about bixby: i dont want to talk to my PHONE.. ' APP