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Samsung A12 issues

(Topic created on: 10-08-2022 05:49 PM)
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Hi, I'm just curious I purchased the A12 after having the A02 and A03, they all seem to have their own different little issues. I had to get an SD card for this A12 , after moving everything on to it the phone run smoothly then it started getting slow again just like before I got a SD card. So a Verizon wireless customer service rep tells me when it gets slow you have to power it off and hold the power button and volume up until the droid comes up the select clear partition or whatever it is under the factory reset. (Please don't do this until you have spoke with someone who knows what their doing.) So I did and apparently these phons come with 399 apps? It sat and repaired apps for 5 min. Or am I the only one who is having a problem with full storage with a SD card and sluggish connection to no network? Samsung used to be the top notch. After clearing cache all the things that was on my SD card was all over the place on my device. This is the 2 nd SD card I had to get.  And btw someone mentioned I'm a post you can't move apps to the SD card and you can. Even more so once your device is network unlocked. Thanks








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Some Sd Cards are faster than others so it maybe worth just checking what specs yours is @mydarkness48 

Also as a Sd card and internal storage fill up this can affect how the phone operates.

It's best practice to delete things rarely used or not used at all. A bit of spring cleaning 👍

Also check what Ram your phone is and if necessary clear up ram using the optimisation tool in your Device Care section.

Some apps can be moved to a Sd card on some phone's but not all apps can be moved and if the sd card speed isn't the best this can affect how things work.

I hope that helps.

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