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Predictive text, if numbers, is copied automaticaly into text box once I click any number on keyboard

(Topic created on: 19-08-2020 11:07 PM)
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Let's say I want to write 2021. When starting to write 20 I may receive a suggestion to add 20. What happens when i type the second 2 in 2020 is that the suggestion is automatically added to the text box, resulting in 20202. If I type straight 2021 in the keyboard, the result would be 202021. This does not happen with words, just with numbers.


I want to keep typing numbers ignoring the suggestions, but have to go back and edit the number, t's the only way to get it right if somehow I get a suggestion box with a number.

Great if you could help solving this.

Using Android 10 Version One UI 2.0 on a Samsung Galaxy A40.

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I've got the same issue. 


My main issue is when I type a multi-digit number like 1995, and I want to change it then the Samsung predictive text causes a problem.

If I want to change the number "1995" to "1996", I hit backspace so I have 199, and then type 6 so it should be 1996. But  as soon as I type the '6' the predictive text automatically changes the number to "1991996" which is frustrating.  In order to  get the number I want I need to delete the number entirely, and write the whole multi-digit number again.


This error in behavior with numbers doesn't occur when predictive text is turned off, but I need predictive text turned on to help correct words.


This only happened after I upgraded my  Galaxy A series phone from Android 9 up to Android 10 with One UI 2.0