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Photos missing from Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

(Topic created on: 19-06-2019 04:26 PM)
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So I may have made the dumb mistake of not backing up these photos, I understand that.


So I'm prepping for a trip and at one point there was no room on my SD card, so recent photos had been saving to the phone directly. I cleared up some room on my SD card and wanted to move all the photos that were on my phone to that SD. I was in gallery and selected the photos to move. Everything seemed to work, except videos we're unavailable showing up with a grey question mark (all the photos were still there). Decided that maybe a restart would help, so did that opened up gallery and still the issue with videos was still there (photos all still there). Then all of a sudden the photos started to mass disappear from the gallery as I had it open. What happened to these photos? I've been trying to search the backend (limited knowledge with this) and through basic means have been unable to locate.


All the photos that were previously on my SD card are all still there (July 2016 to December 2018). I'm just missing the photos I had from that period on missing now. I never deleted the photos and I did have access for a period of time after the move, so I'm wondering if there's any solution here to recover those photos. If I've lost the videos, that's just something I'll deal with but I really would like to get those photos back.


Please don't worry, you can use Android data recovery to help you recover missed photos saved on sd card from Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017). First let Android data recovery scan your Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017). Usually, the missed photos saved on sd card will displayed on program window in red. Then you can preview and choose them to recover. If no, maybe they are overwritten. There is no way to get them back.


That's quite suspicious, let's see if we can find where they've disappeared to, @dylanwilson92 !


Have you checked in the Recycle Bin for the Gallery? 

Gallery > More (Three Dots) > Recycle Bin


If they're there you'll be able to restore them and move them to the SD card. 



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