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Phone keeps restarting

(Topic created on: 01-04-2023 07:31 PM)
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Any help would be appreciated, my phone suddenly keeps restarting and sometimes won't come back on for a while ofter turning itself off, did send off for repair but because of the very slightest chip out the side of phone Samsung have refuse to look at it and I have tried a factory reset also
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If a phone isn't at a condition to allow them to assess a phone under the 24 month Manufacturers Warranty then they would insist on bringing the phone up to that standard before they will help.

They would be concerned that the accidental damage could be linked to the current issue and that this " chip " may grow if they disassembled the phone to repair it @Sean183 

Samsung will have offered to repair the phone for a fee I assume.

In regards to the restarts try Safe Mode > Safe Mode  > turns off downloaded apps and themes etc which may highlight an app or theme that's causing conflict. 

If that does not help then factory reset the phone again but don't set the phone back up using your created Back up just incase something in it is causing the conflict.

Set it up as a new phone instead.

Don't use any downloaded themes or wallpapers etc.

If it still continues then send feedback via your Samsung Members App.

Maybe a next software update will help !

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I have same issue with samsung s20 5g from the error reports samsung know this is a hardware problem so factory reset or software update will not fix issue.Other people also have this issue, unacceptable for a relatively new phone to have hardware problems. Samsung don't care about taking your money £700 there should be a recall or fix free of charge.