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One UI missing features/things


I feel like on A phones there are some things missing generally on One UI (I own A50) but let me tell you exactly what I hope to see in future:

- Battery Stability improvements and fixes

- Frequent Software Updates with General improvements, fixes and new features

- Battery Drain problems fixed

- Fixed late Software Updates

- Kernel improvements and fixes

- UI improvements

- Device Care should include new battery optimizations and improved Power Saving Modes

- Device Care UI improvements, fixes, new features, RAM Manager improvements and overall improvements

- Night Mode for Samsung Members and Galaxy Store

- Battery Maintenance Mode for better Battery Stability and Usage

- New version of Samsung Members that include: One UI 2.0 Beta Program for Samsung Galaxy A50 in all countries (including Romania), new Feedback System without 1000 chars limit, option to get "Experimental Features", Request Software Update feature, Galaxy Beta Service integrated in Samsung Members

- Project Mainline for One UI 2.0

- OTA improvements

- Faster Software Updates

- Improved Dolby Atmos to include Connectivity for USB Headphones with USB 2.0/Type-C adapter

- Battery should last longer without draining especially if Night Mode is active on Standby and lower brightness

- Samsung to take in consideration suggestions and ideas and hopefully to implement them (I feel like Samsung isn't doing anything based on Software)

Samsung should focus on SOFTWARE and not releasing more phones because Software is what's so most important. And this is what One UI is missing.


Got an A20e and I'm missing stufd like recording phone calls and scheduling the blue lightt filter which I hate

Also in Romania lol



A lot of these problems have been addressed in One UI 2.0, but for the ones that haven't, I totally agree with you.
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