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Noticed weird color display error where a part on my screen has more orange hue. A glitch that seems to not go away

(Topic created on: 21-07-2022 01:25 AM)
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i have galaxy a71
Images attached: i opened up a completely white background image, no interface no navigation keys supposed to show up, but my screen doesnt appear purely white as it should.B1334A2E-2B69-4C70-9766-F6F7CE1738AB.jpeg6AFE6CE8-9F5C-4D45-9DED-B9F089EE6B8A.jpeg

those keys at bottom arent supposed to be so orange (plus i have a theme which customized the keys appearance, it shouldnt look this way)- they arent the real navigation keys-

basically theres like 2 screens overlapping at once on my phone. it seems as if theres a faint layer, above the actual display, of a previous screen that this phone has been on before- particularly watching a youtube video. its like some sorta glitch but it just won’t go away.

I got given this phone so i wasnt there to see how it became like this. I tried restarting it/shutting down and booting it up again. Maybe it got dropped, or splashed water on, or just a weird technical thing that can be easily fixed?, idk.

If anyone has any idea why this happened and how it can be fixed, id be hugely grateful. I dont know what to search on google to fix this specific problem so im here asking.

Of course, its not a HUGE problem because its a bit subtle, but id like to view art and movies through this phone and it would be so great to fix my screen.

Thank you.

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You could look at settings , Display,  Screen Mode and choose vivid and then look at the advanced settings , assuming 5his is available on your model of Samsung phone @Dakuwu 

The subject of a phone's display panel and it's hue and white balance has been discussed a few times over the years which isn't just limited to the Samsung models. 

Some are cooler and some are brighter and unfortunately in some cases some are not balanced i.e different on parts of the screen.

I've known people return a phone under the cooling off period to try and get a better balanced option.

As far as I'm aware there isn't much a person can do via troubleshooting as this is how the panel itself has turned out.

Issues such as screen burn can occur too.

I would suggest to let a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre have hands on with the phone to take a look.

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 


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My problem wasnt the hue balance between devices but it was screen burn in!

It makes sense since my mom used this phone and would listen to videos on youtube for hours on end with max brightness. It resulted in a pretty severe burn in since this phone screen is OLED.

Oled screen burn is said to be permanent. I will try to reduce the damage using tips online but i will probably have to go to the samsung store to completely fix it.

Thank you ! 😄