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My Galaxy tab A7 having a problem with WI-FI with network error

(Topic created on: 30-05-2024 05:49 PM)
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Hi, im nao.

I have a tablet Galaxy A7 since 2017. Now Im having an issue about my "Wi-Fi".  Its already 2024. This tablet was remembrance of my dead mother for 7years it stay with me.

When i said wi-fi its the icoin itself. Co'z the color of my wi-fi stay "Pale color/blur green" not a clear color green but a pale one. 


My "wifi had a pale color". Its should be clear like the one in "screen rotation"


So when i go to setting to check my wifi connection.

Here the my wifi connection look like.




                                  and    ignore this coz i already done that.. it didnt work

WI FI             wi-fi direct  MORE

       Off                          (O=) so when i click this On  (=O)

To see available networks, turn on Wi-Fi. < it will change into Turning on...


WI FI             wi-fi direct  MORE

       Off                           (=O)

 Turning on...

It stay like that for more than 2hrs.


After it end it became like this.

WI FI             wi-fi direct  MORE

       On                          (O=)

To see available networks, turn on Wi-Fi. 


I already did every thing to fix this. I search in youtube google.. its just any network dont even show up. On my wifi coz the icoin is pale color not a clear one

  1. Restart
  2. Shut down waiting for 30 mins or 5hrs
  3. Automatic date and time was on
  4. Factory reset my tablet
  5. My router is good i did reset it. 
  6. My neighborhood wifi wont show up in my wifi.
  7. Please help i dont know what to do anymore.
  8. All those Available Network wont even show up in my wifi! even mine or my other neighborhood networks.

I did everythin. Nothing help please if some of you know how to fix this issue kindly tell meScreenshot_2024-05-31-14-04-07-1.pngScreenshot_2024-05-31-13-53-39-1.png