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I carried my number

(Topic created on: 14-02-2022 02:39 AM)
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I carried my number over to this new phone a few months ago...expecting that all should be easy and never had any issues before in doing it with previous new phones.
But...I've just found out that the number the phone came with is still in some ways related and thay depending on whay I'm contacting people using...this other number is being used instead of my number I actually use...bit alarming!
I also don't often receive calls and often I get a voicemail and thays how I know I've missed a call...but my phone hasn't rung and it doesn't show up that I've missed a call...its very strange and I tjinknkts related to this anomaly with original phone number thay the phone came with and my actual number thay was brought over as my number...
I look in my ' phone information' area where immigration and other odentifying codes are and it has the original number there and I can't see any way to change this.
I need some technical wizardry to find not how to be rid of this original number associated with the phone and set the number to my number...I thinknits the cause of issues I've been having and its still showing up to people as my number and shouldn't
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I am guessing that you have posted in the wrong forum as this is for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series which has not been officially released yet.

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If a person uses their original sim card then as the number is assigned to thst then the number should be the same.

If the original sim card isn't the right size then a network can perform a sim swap which moves the number and tariff to a right sized blank sim card.

If using an eSim then the network can sort this 

I would suggest that you contact your network customer services to have your account looked at.

Sometimes a person thinks they've upgraded but have actually opened up a new contract which comes with it's own mobile number.


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I've moved the topic to the correct forum, as the OP looks to have been referring to a Galaxy A22. 😉