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Galaxy Watch 2 and A14

(Topic created on: 15-08-2023 10:59 AM)
I am now using a third Galaxy A series with my Galaxy Watch 2. With both my A8 and A52 the watch remained connected even when I was some distance away, such as upstairs or in the garden without my phone. I have noticed that with the A14 the connection seems to drop more easily and I sometimes don't notice the connection lost symbol on the Watch for some time so there's a greater risk of missing messages or calls. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it a Bluetooth fault?
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It's viable that different model of phone's have a Bluetooth connection that can reach farther than others @AnnDrist 

I have to be pretty far away from my phone before my Samsung Gear s³ Frontier Watch or Samsung Watch 4 Classic loses Bluetooth connection 

To check if your Bluetooth is at issue run the diagnostic tool in your Samsung Members App. 

Some models of watches have the option of a Network Connection however this invariably comes with a monthly fee charged by the network.

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