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Galaxy a70

(Topic created on: 16-02-2021 06:55 PM)
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Galaxy A Series

Im just wondering if anyone can help my battery is taking a long time to charge but when its on and I'm using it ,it literally drains my battery life straight away can anyone help me 

Galaxy A Series
Here are some tips from me:

• Use the original charger that came in the box.

• Go to Settings, Device Care, Select Battery, Select Charging and make sure fast charging is enabled.

• Keep Dark Mode on at all times if you don't mind.

• Go to Settings, then Connections, go to More Connection Settings and turn Nearby Device Scanning off (it wastes a lot of battery).

• Uninstall any unused apps, it will save memory and reduce the background battery drain.

• Use a darker wallpaper if possible.

• Turn off NFC, Wifi, Bluetooth and etc when you aren't using them as it will save lots of battery.

Please let me know if you see better battery life on your phone after you use these tips. Hope this helped!
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Galaxy A Series

Hi @Tonisha41- 


Please check in the charging port that there is no build up of debris etc. Use a torch to check.

Can you try another charging cord and brick as a process of elimination.

In regards to your battery draining.

Using fast charge all the time will push the battery and potentially lessen it's capacity over time.

After a full cycle of use please screenshot what it says in your Device Care under Battery ensuring your scroll capture all the apps listed underneath.

Poor signal will use more battery.

If you search this forum and Google search you will find lots of battery saving tips.

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