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Galaxy A7 bluetooth connection error after update HFP connection lost




my Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) bluetooth can not connect anymore or just for 10 seconds to my car ("HFP connection lost, Blutooth Audio connection lost") than dropps the connection again and again after the latest software update (A750FNXXU3BSKB). There was no any bluetooth connection issue with the previous version. Nor all of the listed trouble shooting steps nor finally the factory reset could not solve the problem.  Can anyone help, please?


So, I have restored it from A750FNXXU3BSKB to A750FNXXS3BSK3, it seems it is working, I'm just testing...

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Hi ,

01 January 2020 new update released! I have the same problem. I hope this update fixes the problem.


Hi, sounds good, please inform if it works well.


Btw, for me only the last update which has the safety level is released on 01.dec.2019 is available.


So, the previous version (safety level 01.nov.2019, Android Pie,) is working without issues.




I try Skoda Rapid Spaceback Swing audio 2017. The last update is not working. 😞


Try to restore your current update to 1.nov.2019 or earlier, it is working perfectly. 

I used Odin, firmware is downloaded from sammobile. 



I have same problem with my Galaxy A7 2018 and Skoda Octavia 2018. My question is how to remove last update on my Galaxy A7 2018 to previusly?




first, download everything (what you need) from your mobile, the sessin will erase all of your data as a factory reset.

You have to check exact model number of you mobile (at the back of your phone or you can find it in the settings menu) and than visit on Search and download the firmware acc. to your model number and your region and your mobil provider. I recommend the 01.nov.2019 (or earlier) firmware it is working perfectly (01.dec.2019 or latest is not working). Uncompress it.

Than you can find on the homepage the "Odin" software, download it.

Download also the latest Samsung USB driver and install.

Connect the USB cable to your PC/Laptop. Do not connect to your phone now.

Log out from your samsung account and gmail (if you have) and switch off your mobile.

Than press and hold the volume up and down buttons of your mobile and connect the USB cable, relase the volume up and down buttons. Your mobile will start in "Downloading" mode. (Blue background and "Downloading....." marking should be appeared on the screen of your mobile). Then remove the USB cable from your mobile.

Run Odin and add the uncompressed files to it (click on the buttons and search the uncompressed files acc to what Odin is expected, 4 files).

Than connect your mobile to the USB and press "START" in Odin. 

Wait for it finish (just a few minutes). You can check the progress of it on your laptop and on your screen of your mobile as well.

When it is finished your mobile will restart. Unplug the USB. The new firmware will start as initialization of tha apps and voila it works. 

Be careful, all of your data will reset as a factory reset. 




This seems to be a problem with the combination of the Volkswagen AG Entertainment system and the Galaxy A7 update. We own two A7 2018 phones and both have the same bluetooth disconnect issues on a Volkswagen Golf 2015 since the last A7 software update. The problem with bluetooth disconnects on the A7 since the last update is reported in multiple forums on the internet.



You have now 3 choices.

1 wait for update by VW (but the problem is at Samsung side, J6,A5...other types are working)

2 wait for update by Samsung for A7 (latest update 01.01.2020 is also not working)

3 restore your A7 to 01.11.2019 Firmware (it's easy and working perfectly)


I can't revert to the old version. Out of warranty staying in Turkey

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