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Galaxy A52s 5g OneUI Bugs

(Topic created on: 29-01-2024 11:18 AM)

Hey everyone,

I was so happy, after I saw my #A52S 5g#get the Notification for the OneUI Update. I always try to keep my Phone as Up-To-Date as possible, so clearly I downloaded it right away

Just a few hours after the update, after clearing the Chace parition, because that's what I do after each update, I noticed my Phone behaving really strange. When I unlocked my phone and pressed "Back" the back button didn't do anything immeadiatly. Unlocking and swiping on my Home screen resulted in EMPTY pages that took 5-10 seconds to load.

My Timer keeps dissapearing from my Notification bar and thus dissapearing from my lock screen.

Notifications on WhatsApp Video calls take 10-15 Seconds until they are shown.

My Camera now takes seconds (1-10) to take pictures in DIMM light. Before the Update that wasn't a problem at all.

Overall I think that there are MANY buggs and I would love to go back to OneUI 5.1. Is there and "legal" way to revert back to the old UI?