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Galaxy A21 "Connected without Internet" Error Message

(Topic created on: 24-07-2021 02:09 AM)
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I am the owner of a Galaxy A21 cell phone and keep receiving a "connected without internet" error message seemingly randomly (it also gives me a Wi-Fi signal strength bar with an exclamation point). The device won't reconnect to the internet until I turn off my Wi-Fi connections on my phone and turn it back on again. The frequency of these errors occur from 3-10 times in a single day with no warning. The only other thing I notice is that at the top of the screen, the Wi-Fi signal has two arrows (one up, one down). If my screen shows the up arrow only, I get no connection. If my screen shows the down arrow, I get no connection. If my screen shows no arrows, I get no connection.

I have run this issue by my ISP, my phone's service provider, and even Samsung themselves and pretty much gained no knowledge as to what the REAL problem is. Each seems to blame the other. This is the SECOND A21 I have owned (the first had the same issue, but was replaced by my phone's service provider) and both have had the same exact issues regarding internet problems.

I have tried forgetting the network, rebooting the phone, resetting network settings (10+ times), power cycling my router (5+ times), splitting my Wi-Fi into 2 bands (5Ghz and 2.4Ghz), taking the device to a service center for repairs, and sending my phone back to my provider for a replacement and nothing has worked. I am honestly out of options and have no idea what else to do. I can't send the device to Samsung directly, since my provider has a warranty.

PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks in advance!

Do you use an accesibility app like "Live transcribe " or other heavy imternet using apps? Does your device run smoothly on mobile Internet (Internet directly from the mobile signal ?
How many devices are connected to your router?
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Hi @JadedBen 


I can appreciate how this would be super frustrating for you.

My suggestion is to try your sim card in another phone as a process of elimination and if you can try another sim card in your phone.

If your sim works fine in another phone and another sim produces the same effects in your phone then if this was my situation I'd ask for another replacement or different phone model and or approach a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre for support.

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hey guys im new to forum i have a simular issue i have reset my a21s after forgetting password i know my email and password  but it gives me this error and cant setup up phone any help greatly apreciated